Lunch and Learn Series: Thinking Again about Grades and Cross-Campus Collaborations

Friday, May 17, 2024 11:45 am to 1 pm

Do Grades Limit Student Learning?
Facilitated by Kate Gerry, Emily Peterman, Lindsay Rapport, and Katie Byrnes

Daggett Lounge, Thorne Dining Hall

Do you ever feel like traditional A-F grading doesn't quite capture the nuances of student learning? Are you looking for ways to encourage deeper understanding and engagement in your courses? This workshop will offer an overview of several alternative grading structures like mastery-based learning, specifications grading, contract/labor-based grading, and ungrading. Hear from faculty who have experimented with alternative grading for a whole class or select assignments. Participants will discuss the challenges and opportunities of these approaches.

Cross-Campus Faculty Collaborations: Remixing the Classroom
Facilitated by Keona Ervin and Lindsay Rapport

Keona Ervin (GSWS) and Lindsay Rapport (Theater and Dance) discuss their experiences experimenting with a semester-long class collaboration--and a variety of collaborative possibilities that emerged through this process. Exploring the synergies between forms of embodiment/movement, critical listening, and music that occur within and across their classrooms, they examine remixing as a path to explore the intersections of radical kinship and relationality. The talk invites attendees to consider how (re)imagining and practicing method in an intentionally interdisciplinary fashion generates exciting new collective potential, cultivating community while amplifying work in the humanities. What do our respective fields offer to each other? And in what ways is the connected classroom a space for responding to these questions?

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