Lunch and Learn Series: Employing Technology in Learning: Bluetooth Speakers, Generative AI, Podcasting

Thursday, May 16, 2024 11:45 am to 1 pm

Main Lounge, Moulton Union

Bluetooth speaker project
Facilitated by David Israel and Karem Said
For the course, New Media and Technology in Anthropological Perspective, Professor Said partnered with the Maker Space + on the construction of a Bluetooth speaker. Students learned about the modularity and potential craftwork of electronics. Learning how to build devices like speakers, which are typically packaged and sold as commodities, lowers the gateway for popular access to forging and designing technologies that enhance people’s lives. We will share additional learning goals of the project, how the project idea was adjusted for the course, the actual building of speakers in the maker space, and student feedback following completion of their speakers.

Uses for AI in Teaching
Facilitated by Dale Syphers, member of the AI subcommittee of COTCP.
Consider how to use AI to draft concepts for discussions, outlines for presentations, and project ideas for classes with independent projects. What are the current limits of AI in teaching and learning? How can students learn class material by comparing AI generated images vs human-generated images? And other useful topics!

Creating Podcasting Assignments in the Classroom
Facilitated by Tina Chong and Colin Kelley
We will share a case study from an interdisciplinary course on learning to explore: Why and when to use podcast assignments? How to create podcast assignments? What do students need to know? Timeline of a podcast assignment. Technical know how. Podcast platforms. Support for students during the design process.

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